Hold Tight - Allan Soberman

A new Pop, Power - Pop CD of original songs with Allan's usual rich layered vocal textures Buy this CD at CD Baby


Searching for my Voice - Allan Soberman

"Beachboys and Queen wearing yarmulkes" " Searching for My Voice, Allan Soberman's new CD, is one self contained musician's quest to make contemporary meaning of the music he learned as a boy from his father Cantor Morris Soberman by layering familiar traditional Shabbat and Holiday tunes with combined overlays of vocal Doo Wop and M'shor'rim (traditional Jewish male chorus) textures. Add to this the talents of a one man rock band and the urgency of one Jewish man reconciling his present with his past and you have insistent music from a passionate, singular voice." Michael Isaacson Buy this CD at CD Baby

A Dedication - Cantor Morris Soberman

The late Cantor Soberman's tutorial of Torah trop, megillah trop, Rosh Hashanah Torah trop, Kaballat Shabbat service, wedding ceremony and much more. _